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5 Reasons to Get Hyped AF About Broadway Bounty Hunter

by Melanie Raush

We got the scoop about this badass new musical coming to Off-Broadway this summer!  

1. It has a score by Tony nominee Joe Iconis. Fresh off of his first Tony nomination for Be More Chill (currently running on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre), there’s already an opportunity to see more of his work! He didn’t just write the music and lyrics this time, though – he worked on the book, too, along with frequent collaborators Lance Rubin and Jason SweetTooth Williams.

2. Annie Golden stars! Joe Iconis wrote this show about a down-on-her-luck actress who becomes a bounty hunter while discovering her true identity along the way specifically for Annie (Hair, Netflix’s Orange is the New Black). “She has this energy and she has this punk-rock spirit to her,” Joe told us. “She’s so authentic, she’s so New York.”


Jennifer Werner, Jason SweetTooth Williams, Joe Iconis, and Lance Rubin

3. It’s a completely original musical. So many musicals are based on books or movies, but this one is a totally new story! “I’ve never heard or read anything like this and I probably never will again,” producer Allison Bressi said.

 4. It features people who aren’t usually in the spotlight – and should be! “Elevating people who are normally pushed aside is something that really excites all of us about Broadway Bounty Hunter” producer Jennifer Ashley Tepper said. With a diverse cast and a woman director/choreographer (Jennifer Werner), this show is built on an inclusive community. “The show centers women, marginalized people, and community,” said artistic consultant Nehemiah Luckett. “This room has been built with conversation and community at its core.”

 5. It’ll make you laugh while also making you think. Bookwriter Lance Rubin summed it up well – Broadway Bounty Hunteris a “meaningful piece of theater that the world really needs right now.”

The pursuit begins July 9.