4 Reasons You Should Take Your Kids To See Backbeard:

This hilarious (even for adults!) new musical based off the popular children's books about what it means to fit in plays the New York Musical Festival.

1. This is REALLY good children's theater. Forget second-rate casts who don't seem to love their job...passion and energy emanate from every pore of this cast.

2. It is tightly directed. There is never a dull moment, so even audience members with a very short attention span are fully engaged for 70 awesome minutes.

3. It teaches #feminism at a very early age. There are female pirates up there like it ain't no thang!

4. The music is super easy on the ears. The opposite of boring, this is music that won't grate your ears off your head when your kids want to listen to it on repeat for months. 

Runs through August 6.