by Jon Reitzes

Hammaad Chaudry’s An Ordinary Muslim at New York Theater Workshop examines balancing of cultural heritage with the challenges of modern life, racism and bigotry, and the impossible task of living up to parents’ expectations. Sounds light, right? Not to worry: While the show tackles very difficult material, it is also full of humor and incredible performances. It’s a show for those who like to leave the theater with a lot to think about.

Sanjit De Silva’s Azeem is a standout, powerhouse performance. Chaudry created a very complicated character that De Silva puts his heart and soul into. Also exceptional is Ranjit Chowdhry’s Akeel, who captures love, disappointment, and darkness in his nuanced performance. Scenes between De Silva and Chowdhry are extraordinarily heartbreaking.

Photos: Suzi Sadler

Amazing performances, rich subject matter, and a story that educates, elevates, and puts the immigrant experience front and center? Say YesBroadway to An Ordinary Muslim

Runs through March 25.