Uh, yeah, so...theater just doesn't get much better than the current Broadway revival of Angels in America. There's a reason Tony voters showered this show with SO. MANY. AWARDS. 


The Acting: You'll remember Nathan Lane and Andrew Garfield's career-defining performances in this production for the rest of your life (they both won a Tony for them, nbd). Not to mention, your new favorite actresses Denise Gough and Susan Brown SLAY multiple roles, especially Harper and Hannah Pitt, respectively. And, James McArdle...oh my. You'll want to punch his Louis in the face and snuggle up with him all at the same time. James has changed the game for all future actors playing this iconic role. Special shoutout, too, to Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Belize, who elicits applause during almost every scene he's in. This production is a masterclass' masterclass of acting!

The Play: You are definitely in the minority if you don't consider one of, if not *the*, best plays ever written. It's, quite simply, a masterpiece. Tony Kushner pulls off a stroke of genius that you can't even imagine with his sweeping take on the AIDS crisis. There is dialogue in this play that is so good that it will literally send shivers down your spine. Writing this good is just so, so rare.

The Direction: Marianne Elliot, who directed the excellent The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, does it again here with her epic Angels in America that feels just as urgent in 2018 as it did when it premiered in the early 1990s. Her work is extraordinarily nuanced and complex, while still keeping the production accessible to someone who has never seen or read the play before. She goes IN!

Photos: Brinkoff & Mögenburg

Important Note: Don't be scared of the length of the play, which is almost 8 hours total (two Parts broken down into almost 4 hours each). Here's the thing: When you're done watching a really good production of Angels in America, you walk out of the theater wanting 8 MORE hours. The last thing you'll be is glad it's over. Instead, you'll be reeling from experiencing one of the theatrical highlights of your entire life!


WEDNESDAYS: Part 1 at 1PM and Part 2 at 7PM (sold individually)
THURSDAYS & FRIDAYS: Part 1 on Thursday at 7PM and Part 2 on Friday at 7PM (sold together)
SATURDAYS: Part 1 at 1PM and Part 2 at 7PM (sold together)
SUNDAYS: Part 1 & 2 alternate every other Sunday at 2PM (sold individually)

Pro tip: Bite the bullet and see both parts in one day. It's an especially magical experience to spend an entire day with these ridiculously good actors. The rapturous curtain call at the end of Part 2 alone is worth it.

Runs through July 15.