What happened? VP-elect Mike Pence came to see Hamilton on Broadway on the Friday November 18. The crowd booed (and some cheered) when he walked into the room just before the show started. After the curtain call, Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr, gave a short speech addressing Pence as he left the audience. The official @HamiltonBroadway Twitter account posted the video of the speech, which you can watch here to the right. The President-elect then went on an overnight Twitter tirade saying that Pence was "harassed" and said the cast showed "terrible behavior" towards him. He then continued to angrily tweet about it, saying that he has even heard that the show is "overrated". Many suggest that he was simply trying to distract from his $25M Trump University settlement earlier that day. Pence went on to say that he was "not offended" on television on Sunday morning. However, the hashtag #BoycottHamilton trended among those who agreed with the President-elect. It will be very surprising if any of this affects ticket sales, especially considering the week after the "boycott", Hamilton broke a record with the most revenue brought in for a Broadway show in one week at $3.3M.

Header Image: brandonvictordixon.com