5 Reasons You Should See 1984 on Broadway:

1. Two words: Tom. Sturridge. This British actor already has a Tony nomination under his belt for 2013's Orphans, and It looks like he might have another one coming up next June for 1984. His performance is the intense-st of the intense and he delivers in a big way...and somehow manages to still be sexy even while being tortured for 20 minutes onstage.

2. The subject matter is so relevant that it’s almost *too* relevant. If you want the you-know-what scared out of you, this show will do the trick just fine. This show reminds us that we already kinda live in the dystopian future imagined by George Orwell 70 years ago.

3. The scenic design and staging is unbelievably awesome, and works really well with the cinematic direction of this play. The entire last third of the play takes place in a room that is designed as if it is taken straight from your nightmares. 

4. Reed Birney. He won the Tony in 2016 for The Humans and gives a subtly chilling performance in 1984 that will haunt you for a very long time.

5. 101 minutes, no intermish. You’ll be home in time to pop a Xanax and unwind. Oh, fun bonus: it’s the second show ever to be presented in the newly refurbished (and very fancy) Hudson Theater.

Runs through October 8.

Photos: Julieta Cervantes