Get your show, theater company, or brand in front of close to 100k potential ticket buyers via YesBroadway’s influencer marketing packages, which include advertorials, sponsored content, and display advertising.

YesBroadway's audience includes tens of thousands of theatergoers in that hard-to-reach 25-40 year old demographic, who generally live in the NYC tri-state area, pay full price for theater tickets, and are interested in cultural products and services...especially those related to the performing arts. Advertising with YesBroadway can also help you pique the interest of industry insiders and producers, starting an avalanche of momentum that will attract press and future life for a show, substantial growth for a theater company, or important exposure for your brand.

Packages start at $385 and involve robust social media promotion customized to help you achieve your specific goals, whether it be brand recognition for your show or theater company, promotion of major events and announcements, or (as is often the case) straight-up ticket sales.

Basic Package - $385: Perfect for Off-Off & Off-Broadway shows!

*One Instagram Story (where the most eyes see YesBroadway's content), which is two or three 15-second videos enthusiastically directing eyes to the show/theater company/brand. The Story will be saved as a Highlight on YesBroadway's Instagram for future viewing for up to 2 weeks after it is no longer live on the Story feed.

*One regular Instagram post

*One initial tweet, with at least two followup retweets and/or quote tweets

*One Facebook post

Additional packages with varying prices include:

-Boosted posts through YesBroadway's extensive social media networks. Boosted posts from a media company are much more effective than posts that you'd boost through your own social media.

-Sponsored videos (usually around two minutes in length) that serve to market the show/company, opening up the content to the eyes of YesBroadway’s YouTube subscribers as well.

-Display advertising on

-Content sponsorship opportunities (examples: Tony Awards coverage, sponsored Hype Alerts, etc.)

-Dedicated email promoting your show/brand to 7k+ subscribers

-Podcast sponsorship

-Written advertorial content

Get in touch with Sam at if you’d like to know more about getting your show/theater company/brand in front of YesBroadway’s audience. We'll work together to come up with something that will maximize the return on any money spent.