What's up, I'm Sam. Don't want to read a 7-paragraph article about what Broadway C-lister is going to be playing a supporting role in a tourist trap Broadway show starting in a few weeks? Neither do I...and I'm a Broadway superfan! I started YesBroadway to help people sort through the noise of what to see and what to get excited about on Broadway and in NYC theater, and what tickets to get now before you end up in another situation like the one you are in now with Hamilton

My staff of 7 includes people with diverse opinions and tastes. We live and breathe for fresh and relevant theater and we've learned to identify what kind of shows excite people, what snoozefests to avoid if you're "not that into Broadway", and what kind of news and features Broadway fans really want. The world of Broadway and NYC theater is super exciting...you just have to know how to navigate it!

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